Sunday, February 25, 2007

Isn't she so adorable........ (Shhhh, don't tell Sparky!)


From the pictures dad sent me, it looks like Coco had a bad day, and had to have a drink. She must have missed me.......

Thursday, February 22, 2007


Finally, here are pictures of Lauren's birthday party we had on Monday. Lauren decided to have a spa sleep-over party, but then came down with Bronchitis the day before, and had to cancel. So, we decided to do a day spa instead, so she didn't have to wait so long. But unfortunatly, one of her friends, Kailey ended up sick Monday, we missed her not being a part of the celebration. All of the girls seemed to have fun getting their nails done as well as a facial. Then topped it off with dressing up in fancy dresses. I had as much fun as they did, and was sad to see it end. Lauren has a great group of friends. And I just love that the girls' moms are great friends too. BIG HUGS!!!

Remembering back 3 1/2 years ago

I know this is an old picture, but I am still dealing with a computer that won't cooperate with me. The main computer holds all the recent photos, so until I can talk my husband into looking into it, I will post some older pictures. since the kids are a year older now, I am now looking into the next year when Josh is a Senior. So I am thinking (yes thinking) of doing some serious scrapbooking for him, so I can get caught up. I have only been into scrapbooking for a year or so, and Josh is 17 now, I have alot to do. I posted this picture because this is how I see my kids together. With Josh and Lauren being 10 years apart, We do not have the fighting. Josh is like a 3rd parent. If George and I ease up a little on something, it is not unusual for Josh to step in. I am not sure if this will be a good thing for Lauren when she gets into High School though. I know Josh will be watching every move. We are so truly blessed to have two wonderful kids. We love them sooooo much!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


This is a shot I happened to get lucky at. Josh and his famous "Slide Tackle". I would say this is one of my favorite shots of Josh playing soccer. Soccer is Josh's love. But I have to brag a little bit, Josh's is the BEST BIG BROTHER, EVER! I went to a meeting last night, and he watched Lauren. Not only feeding her dinner and making sure she showered, but he even took her to get an ice cream cone, and he didn't get one himself. Is that awesome or what!

These are photos of Lauren I took in the back, just in fun. This was about a year ago, and as you can tell, Lauren loves to pose. Sorry for several posts in a day, but as the saying goes "Keeping up with the Jones's" well, I don't have the Jones, but do have the Hunt's. Mrs. Rachel is hounding me to get busy, so I am doing just that!

Sorry for the lack of posts..........

Happy Wednesday! Sorry for the lack of posts. For some reason, I am unable to use the main computer for the Blog site. I went through the help section of, and its telling me to do some weird things...... I AM SO COMPUTER STUPID! I'll have George fix it we he gets back. Anyhow, I was going through some old photos on the Scrapbooking Computer, and saw this...... Josh and Lauren at the Outerbanks. Boy after last weeks snow, wouldn't we all like to be there right now.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Sparky loves to dress up..... In this photo, he was into Brittney Spears, thank goodness it was only a phase!


Happy belated birthday Josh. You are 17 now. EEK! You really do make me feel old. It was only yesterday you were driving around in your power-wheel corvette. Your dad and I have watched you grow and change into this wonderful caring young man. We are very proud of you and love you so much.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Mom and Dad (Grandma & Grandpa) have a new baby. She is a feisty yorkie-pom mix. We had the pleasure of babysitting her for a couple of hours. Lauren couldn't get enought of her, so she had to go to grandma's house the next day to play with her again. She loves Coco Pup!

Josh and Lauren's Birthday weekend. Family came over to celebrate Lauren turning 7 and Josh turning 17 . We love spending time with the family and wish it was more often. We love you!

We can't believe you are 7. Where have the years gone? You were such a little peanut when we brought you home. Look how you have turned into a little lady. May you always remember, no matter if your 7, 17 or 70, you will always be our little angel.