Friday, June 1, 2007

Last Day of School

Yesterday was the last day of school. YIPEE!!!!!!
Josh and Lauren could not wait. Staying up late and sleeping in, is what they have in mind. But to mom, it means getting organized and cleaning up this house. But most importantly being with my two kiddos. I LOVE spending time with them.

What A Great Guy!

On Tuesday, instead of Josh picking Lauren up at school in the car, Josh and Buddy walked there to get Lauren. Lauren has been asking Josh since the beginning of school if they could walk sometime. She never complained the whole way and had a big smile when she came home. Lauren just loves Josh so much! I think Josh feels the same too........ though he might not want to admit it all the time.
I know I have said it quite a few times, but, George and I are truly blessed with our two wonderful kids!