Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Yet another Wednesday.....

Look what was delivered to my door..... :) And it did put a smile on my face. Josh was even willing to give it a test drive too! It only weighs 12 lbs., but it also has such a great suction that it pulls itself. Gotta love that!

George, Josh and Lauren have decided to play tennis. George is an old pro. He played in high school is quite good at it. With the wonderful weather that we have had, they went to the courts last night and plan on it tonight. Me..... I stunk at it in my 20's and haven't really tried since.

Josh started his new job.... he LOVES it! He comes home with so much to talk about. It is so cute, he pulls up in his car just smiling :) I think life is finally good for him now. SIGH..... Thank goodness.... as a mom, that is all you really want for your children. To be happy and safe.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!