Wednesday, March 14, 2007

What a smile!

Oh yeah! I actually was able to get a picture of Josh today. But he didn't do it for me, he had to have it for a school project. But who's complaining, I actually got a real smile out of him. I wonder where he got the dimples from?

Mom is so forgetful

Hi, this is me Lauren, I just had to tell you and everyone else in my class today, that my mom was not " with it " this morning. Mom woke up and had me ready and my hair curled for school pictures today. Then one of the moms that my mom babysits for, told her it wasn't until tomorrow. Geesh Mom, get with it! Anyhow, I thought I looked pretty cute for the day. So did mom, so she had to take another picture.

Look what I did today!

For all of you who know that I am into the card making and scrapbooking, this is my first paint can. It is for one of Lauren's friends birthday party. (SHHHHH don't tell!) It was pretty easy and fun to make. So, look out, one may be headed your way......... :o)