Thursday, February 22, 2007


Finally, here are pictures of Lauren's birthday party we had on Monday. Lauren decided to have a spa sleep-over party, but then came down with Bronchitis the day before, and had to cancel. So, we decided to do a day spa instead, so she didn't have to wait so long. But unfortunatly, one of her friends, Kailey ended up sick Monday, we missed her not being a part of the celebration. All of the girls seemed to have fun getting their nails done as well as a facial. Then topped it off with dressing up in fancy dresses. I had as much fun as they did, and was sad to see it end. Lauren has a great group of friends. And I just love that the girls' moms are great friends too. BIG HUGS!!!

Remembering back 3 1/2 years ago

I know this is an old picture, but I am still dealing with a computer that won't cooperate with me. The main computer holds all the recent photos, so until I can talk my husband into looking into it, I will post some older pictures. since the kids are a year older now, I am now looking into the next year when Josh is a Senior. So I am thinking (yes thinking) of doing some serious scrapbooking for him, so I can get caught up. I have only been into scrapbooking for a year or so, and Josh is 17 now, I have alot to do. I posted this picture because this is how I see my kids together. With Josh and Lauren being 10 years apart, We do not have the fighting. Josh is like a 3rd parent. If George and I ease up a little on something, it is not unusual for Josh to step in. I am not sure if this will be a good thing for Lauren when she gets into High School though. I know Josh will be watching every move. We are so truly blessed to have two wonderful kids. We love them sooooo much!