Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Great Pumpkin

This looks like the perfect pumpkin... it's already been carved!
Milking a wooden cow looks pretty fun! I am sure it's easier then the real one and cleaner too!
HMMM~~~~ I saw Lauren doing this, she said it was fun........... don't listen to a 8 year old!
The corn maze was fun too! Nothing but corn and sky!
Thanks Jenna and Josh for taking me to get my perfect pumpkin this year. You two are the best!

While I was away at Ann's on Saturday, "playing". Jenna and Josh took Lauren back to Ramseyer's to do some activities and to find pumpkins. Though I would have loved to have gone and done this as a family thing, this was a perfect opportunity for the older "kids" to take Lauren out and do their own thing. It was their idea. So off they went. But of course, I told them to take the camera. Not to many pictures came back, but I did get some.

Lauren just loves Jenna to death, and Josh, well lets just say, nothing is better than her big brother in her eyes.

So, as I write this with tears in my eyes, knowing that my little Josh will be going away to college in about 10 months or so. I am happy for the path that he is taking. Glad that its in Ohio and not in another state. THANK GOODNESS! But I grasp onto every single moment that I can get now with him, and with Josh and Lauren together, because I know that it will be difficult when he goes away. Thanks for letting me ramble on. I guess its weighing heavily on my mind since we are going on a visit to Bowling Green in a couple weeks.

Hugs to you all! Have a sunshiny day :o)