Saturday, December 27, 2008

Give a way

Okay all my scrapbooking friends, you may want to check out this site..... LIFE AS LOU

She is having a big give-a-way...... I just had to let you in on it!

A Wii Fit Christmas Eve

As a special treat, since we were laying low Christmas Eve, except church, George and I decided to give "our" gift to the kids on Christmas Eve this year. We also were trying to use it to our advantage for our sleep sake as well. Long story short, Lauren woke us up last year at 4:00 in the morning for Christmas. Being the wonderful dad that George is, he couldn't tell her to go back to bed, so we all drug (and I do me drug) our sorry behinds out of bed for a cute little 7 year old. That included our son who was 17, without to much complaint. It's amazing that Lauren has us all wrapped around her little finger. And to think, I was trying to make that a short story... hehehe

Back to the they are unwrapping the Wii fit.

We all are having a blast with this Wii fit. I highly recommend it. It is great fun for everyone. Here is George, trying to Hoola Hoop, at this moment he is trying to catch hoops.
I thought I would include a picture of my sorry little tree this year. It is truly our Charlie Brown tree. Our schedules this year didn't give us time to go chop one down, so we had to opt for a cut tree on a lot. I guess every tree needs a home, right? This will be one that we'll remember in years to come.

Here we are all dressed up and ready to go to church on Christmas Eve. We had to take it front of the fireplace this year. We would have overpowered the tree. (hehehehe) We had a wonderful Christmas, and my true wish is that we all could have this feeling all year round. Christmas brings joy and sorrow. Joy ~ being with the ones you love Sorrow ~ missing the ones you love

Please be careful as you travel and as you celebrate the new year.

God Bless!


Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

George, Josh, Lauren and I, wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Thanksgiving was wonderful. We were able to go to my mom's, which is a couple blocks away from us, for Thanksgiving. Family...... What would we do with out them? George took the "man" camera with us.... but guess what, I forgot to put the memory back into it, after downloading the last batch of pictures. OOPS! But luckily, dad just bought a new camera and was willing to try it out. :)

Isn't this the cutest little turkey ever? (okay, I don't get out much) But, these were sitting at our places for dinner. My dad, yes- for those of you who know my dad, you did see that right, my dad made these Thanksgiving morning for everyone.

This is my sister Lisa, and my nephew Aaron.

This is my Grandma Morgan

This is my wonderful mom............. (hug)

On Saturday, we went to Columbus to visit with George's side of the family. We celebrated Ali's 16th and Ryan's 13th birthdays. We also celebrated Christmas. We did have the memory back in the "man" camera by then. :)
I guess I should elaborate a little more about the "man" camera. I call our Sony SLR the "man" camera just because its so big and bulky. My Cannon Power Shot is the "Blonde" camera, because I know how to use it. (hahahaha)
Now That everyone understands what the heck I am talking about, (sorta)....We have pictures.....
Jenna won "Musical Tiara"

Ali....with Ava, her sweet sixteen birthday present

Ryan, 13 already? uh-oh
Lauren was so excited when she opened up presents

Josh got the BIG L, from Jenna, hehehehe