Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Pictures from the past

No new pictures to post. But I have been going back and looking through some old ones. Wow! As Lauren would say "GOOD TIMES". Yep, they are all "good times"!

Well, Josh is looking at possibly changing direction in schools. Instead of transferring to OSU, he would like to transfer to a different school that is smaller. We are currently looking at Bowling Green. We are going up, over, down, I guess I am not sure, where, to visit in two weeks. As a mom, I am okay with a smaller school, but I am sure that will all change when it time for him to leave. Josh also has a good friend that goes to Bowling Green, so, hopefully he can help fill us in.

I was down with the flu for a couple of days last week. Boy, was I down! Luckily, knock on wood, everyone else in the house has stayed pretty healthy. Not much else going on here, just getting ready for colder weather. BRRRR ~~~~ I do not like cold weather! But I do like a hot cocoa!!! oh yeah!

Everyone, have a fabulous day, and hug your kids and your hubbys!