Thursday, June 26, 2008

It's Thursday~ Already?

Sorry, no pictures tonight. I will try to get to it on Sunday. But don't hold your breath. hehehe
I am still recouping from Josh's graduation party that we held here at the house last Saturday. It went well, but for those of you who are planning on doing this..... I don't recommend it! EEK! What was I thinking. But when you have friends like I do, anything is possible! I have great friends. No, make that WONDERFUL friends. (Group Hug)
Okay, I could go on about my friends, and I did, but I backed it out, because I was going to make this short and sweet, and.....hmmmm it's not ending that way. :o)
On top of the graduation last weekend, and since we cleaned the garage out, I decided this week that I was going to put a garage sale together..... So tomorrow morning "bright and early" the garage will be open for business, at least for two days. (you can tell I am having a blonde moment, I stuck this whole paragraph in, for what reason?.....)
One last note.... for all my bloggers out there, could you please say a little prayer for my dad, he'll be going in for back surgery on Tuesday.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

New life .........

Lauren and I had been watching a momma robin sitting on a nest in a small tree in our front yard. Since school has let out we have forgotten to check on the nest until today. I went to gather the trash cans, looked up, there were two little faces looking back at me. I just had to run and get the camera. Of course by the time I could get the shot there was only one. Is this a cute picture or what?
Babies, you just have to love them.......unless they are spiders or snakes :o)