Thursday, October 30, 2008



This is what I have to do.......

1. Go to your pictures
2. Upload the 4th picture of the 4th folder
3. Post it
4. Tag 4 of my friends ( Okay, I am just saying in advance.... SORRY!)

This was back in April of 2005. Lauren has always loved being in front of the camera. WOW~ that was three 1/2 years ago. Where does the time go? It's hard to believe that at 8 Lauren knows what she wants in life. Is that really possible? She has said for over a year now, that she is going to New York for Fashion, after she graduates high school. She does have this certain drive. She loves gymnastics..........She LOVES life! I just love to watch life through her eyes. It's awesome.

NOW IT'S YOUR TURN...........

Tag~ your it!

1. Ann
2. Rachel
3. Janeen
4. Chris

So, it's not that hard.... It actually makes you blog. :)
Come on- you can do it. I know you can!

Thanks, Cecile......