Sunday, June 24, 2007


Welcome to the family, Mia!!!

Here she is.................. We brought our newest member of our family home, yesterday.
Lauren picked out her name. Anyone want to guess where she got the name from?
Princess Diaries, her favorite movie. Of course, Mia has a pink glittery collar, but she has to grow a little more. Lauren picked that out too!

She has been a joy to watch. Mia is very outgoing as well. She nuzzled up to Sparky right away. And follows us every where. If we leave the room, she cries for us. What a little sweety! Zoe is very curious about this little girl. I think they will soon be playing together. As far as Buddy goes, he is a 87 pound knuckle head. We will have to watch him very carefully so he doesn't crush her. EEK!

She found one of my baskets and loves to sleep in it. Hopefully she will opt for her kitty condo soon.