Thursday, March 22, 2007


Happy almost Friday! Yes, I lied. I am sooooo sorry. I said that I would post last weekend but didn't. I am a baaaaaaaadddddd blogger. :o)

Well, Lauren had a blast at her friends slumber party last Friday/Saturday. Chloe's mom had 10 or 11 girls spend the night. Crazy, don't you think? But let me tell you, she also has 6 month old twin girls and her hubby was working on Friday until 11:00. So, in my eyes, she is SUPER WOMAN! There is some pictures of the slumber party on her blog, and it is "the Hunt girls", you can click on it down on the left on my blog. Go check it out.......

After getting Lauren home from the slumber party, she decided to puncture herself 3/4 of an inch with a pencil into her upper leg. OUCH!!!!!!!! Mom, (me) wanted to rush her hysterical little girl to the hospital, but dad (George) being the calm, lets look at the situation kind of person, said call the doctor. So, we did just that..... I called the doctor.. WHEW, that was toooo easy. We followed the doctors suggestions, and to make a long story short, she is doing great. I had taken pictures, I know, sounds odd, but I am not posting them because they are gross! YUCK!