Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Open House/First Day of School

Here are my kiddo's..... Going off to school. Its so sad to say that Josh is now a Senior. Where has the time gone.

Lauren was so excited to meet her teacher for the first time, and was ready for the first day. I am not to sure about Josh. At least he smiled for the camera.

Charleston, SC

The resort we stayed at was beautiful. Here we are sitting in front of our Hotel. The picture of the pier was taken from our room.

If anyone is looking for a great place to go on vacation. I highly recommend Charleston. There is alot of things to do, no matter what the age. We took a carriage ride through town and saw all the historical sites. Wow, how amazing.

August 9th storm

This is the storm front that we were able to miss. We left our house and minutes later, the sirens were going off. We were heading to South Carolina.