Wednesday, September 17, 2008

He's my sweetie

I figured it was way past time to blog about my sweetie. George and I celebrated our 21st anniversary last month. We are childhood sweethearts and we married the same year I graduated from school. I can honestly tell you, I cannot imagine being with anyone else. He is my bestfriend, hubby and my everything. I know its gooshy, but I mean it. No, I didn't do anything wrong, I am not trying to make up for anything I did. Oh, wait, maybe I am..... It's kinda been a rough week. Lets see, I broke the utility sink, then jarred the dryer vent hose loose, so it was blowing inside the house. So.....he pulled out the washer to get to the dryer, (the hose wasn't loose there) but, he didn't realise that the water pipe thing didn't go back into the pipe. So, when I went to do laundry, all that water went all over the carpet in Josh's bedroom next door. (Ruining two large boxes of older baseball cards and possibly a tv/dvd) Well, George fixed the dryer vent. :o) Oh, but I didn't tell you, About two weeks ago he thought he tore his rotator cuff. So, he is doing this all in pain, plus shop vaccumming up the water out of the carpet. That was all Sunday. Along with putting up with me and my ankle and abscessed tooth that was nearly killing me.
My dear husband is a saint!!!!!! He works so hard at work, and truly cares about the company and the people that are there. They are constantly on his mind. (I love that about him, he is so caring) George is very involved with the kids functions. Be it school, or sports. He puts up with me on a daily basis. He also puts up with my endless lists that I create. I haven't been a very pleasant person to be around for quite some time, and he still loves me. WOW! I am sooooo lucky! I love him sooo much. And just saying those words just don't seem like enough, for all that he has done. But I just had to write down a little of what I felt this morning. Because I just needed to tell the world about my wonderful husband.