Thursday, January 31, 2008


Buddy and Mia...... Here is a glimps of them just hanging out in the back room. Its just amazing at how big Buddy is, he is still sooooo gentle. The kids just adore him.

How the Heck?

Does this dog bed look small to you???? It is! This is Sparky's bed. (weighing in at a whooping 9 lbs.) Buddy on the other hand, weighs 83. The big question is, how did he manage to get all of his body onto this bed? We love him..... Sparky might think differently, though. :o)

Friday, January 25, 2008

This is a picture from a couple of weeks ago of our humble abode. But, I would rather have the snow then the cold. It is currently 19 deg. Thank goodness for fuzzy slippers and yorkies! (don't ask, I am having a moment!)
Is anyone up for a sunny trip?

Rock Band, anyone?

This has been Josh's hang out...... I hardly ever see him come out of the hole (the basement).

Occasionally they'll come out of the "hole" to grab something to eat. But don't hold your breath.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Yep, I am getting old

Hello fellow bloggers!

It has been a loooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnggggg time. :o) But my friend Rachel encourages me to get back on the horse again. So, here I am.

As the new year approached our household, so did the list of all the upcoming events that will be happening here. Lauren will be turning 8 in 10 days and Josh will be turning 18 in 23 days. EEK! I am going to be a mom of an 18 year old. Where has the time gone? It seems it was like yesterday that we were feeding ducks at the park and watching him play t-ball. Can I have those times back, please?????????? I just sit here sometimes in disbelief that Josh will be going to college soon.

Josh has been hanging around the house alot lately, since he is the only one that has "ROCK BAND" for the 360. And Guitar Hero. So, his friends will come over and hang out and "rock it" down in the basement for hours and hours and hours. hehehe I love it! I love knowing that the kids are comfortable at our house and are welcome here, and I love the fact that I know that they are just hanging out playing games instead of getting into trouble. That is fine by me.
Oh, and the rock band thing, Lauren will sometimes go down and join them on the microphone, so they can get more points. Okay, how many moms can say that there are 3 to 4 teenagers playing games, and want their friends 8 year old sister playing with them. Yep, life is good!

Lauren is still doing her gymnastics thang. She is currently working on her round-off whip. Her main goal is to do cheerleading........

I hope everyone is well...........