Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Iv'e Been Tagged
I was tagged by my Blog friend Cecile ~ to answer these questions..I have never done anything like this on my blog, so here it goes:

1. Where was I ten years ago? I was working as a title researcher at a Title Company nearby. Loved the job, not all the people I worked with. We were trying to get pregnant, but not quite successful......with our sweet little Lauren. Josh was only 8.... (Those were the days) and we were in the house that we are currently in now.

2. What was on my to do list today? Watch kiddos. Take care of my sick Lauren. Go to the dentist and hopefully get rid of this aweful, horrible toothache. And finally go to my Mother Study Club Meeting. Oh, and probably fix dinner and do laundry sometime in between all that.

3.What would I do if I were a billionaire? Buy a different house in Orrville, pay off my mom and dads house and Georges mom and all the sister and brothers houses of course. Pay for Josh and Lauren's education. Give to several charities and probably not stress so much about money. I would take Lauren to Disney land, and take us all to somewhere special. But I would try to live life simple.

4. Five places that I have lived? Springfield, Ohio, Columbus, Ohio, West Virginia, Orrville, Ohio,

5. Bad habits: STRESS, I stress to much over every little thing. It will actually keep me up at nights, over the craziest things. (I am sure I have more, George would be able to tell you about those.) hehehe

Pick 5 people to tag- 1. Ann 2. Janeen 3. Chris 4. Rachel H. 5. Rena

Hope everyone is having a great day!