Sunday, July 27, 2008

Getting Ears Pierced

Today, George and I decided to suprise Lauren with a trip to the Mall to get her ears pierced. Lauren has been such a big help, along with everyone else in the house, with taking care of me and the chores. But for an 8 year old, its a little bit harder to understand. Lauren has been fine with it all!

Lauren for the longest time didn't want to have her ears pierced. Then just last week, decided she did. So.....this was our trip today.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

My Kiddo's

I haven't been able to take any pictures lately, so I have been going through some older pictures and I thought you would get a kick out of these. I had taken a few shots of the kids for a perfect picture for fathers day to frame, and here are a couple funny shots...... The bottom picture, Lauren couldn't stop laughing at Josh, she had tears in her eyes! Boy do I wish they could stop growing up. But I know there are many more memories to make as they are doing so.
For all of you, this wonderful sunny Saturday..... Have a great day, and make some wonderful memories!

Monday, July 21, 2008

My new Cast

I wish I could be excited about the "new" in "My new Cast", but to be honest with you, I am DONE with all of this cast/crutches stuff. I am bored..... there is nothing that I can do on crutches including take care of myself. My ankle is still swelling and I have to put it up all the time (hmmm, more sitting around). I miss my kiddo's, they haven't been here since my surgery and its been so quiet. Sorry, as you can tell, I am feeling a bit low. I am very lucky and greatful for all that I have, but excuse my word, because this is the only word that really describes how I feel, this all SUCKS!
But, on a different note, I do want to thank all of my wonderful, wonderful friends that have come to our rescue and have made meals. We have eaten sooooo good. I actually think I have gained weight. EEK!
Well, I guess the only good news is that I have one week down and 5 weeks more to go in a cast. But, on August 6th, I can put my shoe on and walk on my cast. I am counting down those days!!!!!!
Well, I think I have vented enough..... I hope everyone had a great weekend... Have a wonderful week.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


I've made it!
I am still alive and I still have all my limbs. hehehe
Surgery was 1 1/2 long and everything went as planned. We got back home around 2:45. I have to say, things are going quite well. Even though its 2:52 in the morning, I am not up due to pain. The pain is very very tolerable with medicine.
I really wanted to say thank you for all your e-mails and calls....I am the luckiest person, I have such a wonderful life with awesome family and friends. I just don't know how I got this lucky. I am truely blessed. George and I love to be on the giving end. I have had a hard time being on the recieving end. I feel like there has been alot of that lately. So, thank you all for all that you have done and for the prayers and the thoughts. I really appreciate it. I wish I could hug you all right now. But I will get to that soon!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Stamping/Scrapbooking Corner

Well I finally did it! I cleaned and organized my corner. It was way past due! With my upcoming ankle surgery and alot of down time.. I need something to do......HMMM..... what can I do? AHHHH!! Scrapbook and make cards..... YEAH!!! So hopefully this is where I plan to hang out for a while. Thats okay, Send me to the corner!

Graduation Party

Three weeks later....hehehe But better late, then never. I sat down to post pictures of Josh's party, then started thinking.... are all these people really going to appreciate me posting their picture on the internet. So, I decided, that I had better not. So, here are a few pictures of pre-party. We had a wonderful time and the weather held out for us. Josh of course was excited for the party to start.