Monday, July 21, 2008

My new Cast

I wish I could be excited about the "new" in "My new Cast", but to be honest with you, I am DONE with all of this cast/crutches stuff. I am bored..... there is nothing that I can do on crutches including take care of myself. My ankle is still swelling and I have to put it up all the time (hmmm, more sitting around). I miss my kiddo's, they haven't been here since my surgery and its been so quiet. Sorry, as you can tell, I am feeling a bit low. I am very lucky and greatful for all that I have, but excuse my word, because this is the only word that really describes how I feel, this all SUCKS!
But, on a different note, I do want to thank all of my wonderful, wonderful friends that have come to our rescue and have made meals. We have eaten sooooo good. I actually think I have gained weight. EEK!
Well, I guess the only good news is that I have one week down and 5 weeks more to go in a cast. But, on August 6th, I can put my shoe on and walk on my cast. I am counting down those days!!!!!!
Well, I think I have vented enough..... I hope everyone had a great weekend... Have a wonderful week.