Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Out with old ~ In with the new

Out with the old ~ In with the new

Sorry, I don't have any pictures today, just my thoughts.....

Last year was one year I probably won't forget. Josh graduated high school and started College. Mom, Dad and I had surgeries. George, Josh and Lauren stayed pretty healthy.
Thank goodness for family and friends and the sweet kiddo's that I watch, that kept me sane last year.

This year, my goal is to get healthier and to try to stay on top of this Fibromyalgia. I am going to kick its BUTT! I am tired of being tired and tired of being in pain. Another goal is to try to get back to being more organized. George, Josh and Lauren, sorry in advance, but this will probably affect you allot. Also, I want to be a better friend. I just feel like I have not been there 110%. I need to be a better friend.

Lastly, this has weighed heavily on me......... So, this is what I am going to try to live by "Try to make a difference"
I want to make a difference, be it big or small.

Bring on 2009!