Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Yes, I am posting about Halloween. Halloween was officially 11 days ago..... boy am I late or what! As you have noticed, not up to posting lately..... not feeling myself. Working on getting better, though.... sloooooooow process. :(

We actually had trick or treat on Halloween night here in town. We invited some special friends over (and I do mean special (wink, wink)) hehehe. And we all went out and begged for candy. Then came back to our house for a little fun. Josh had to work, but was able to join in, right at the tail end when the kids started bobbing for apples.

I just love that my friends and I all have kids the same age and they all can grow up together. Just think, in like 20 years they'll look back at the things they did together........ (Should I break out in song????? MEMORIES, like the.......) your lucky, I can't remember all the words.

Also, has anyone been to the malls this past weekend? George, Lauren and I went this weekend and about lost it..... There he was .... SANTA sitting right in the middle of the mall, waiting for all the kiddos to sit on his lap. I just couldn't believe that he was there already. I am posting about Halloween and which was 11 days ago and Santa is at the mall..... doesn't seem right. But then again, I am listening to Christmas music and putting up Christmas trees in my house and buying presents. I guess I am rushing Christmas too.. But I just love that feeling. I just wish it was like that all year round. :)
I hope you are all having a wonderful Tuesday. Oh, and just to let you know, Christmas is 44 days away. hehehehe