Thursday, May 17, 2007

Citizen of the Year

May 15th, The Rotary Club surprised my dad with "Citizen of the Year". We all took the day off to attended the lunch. George said a few words and Lauren wrote her own speach. When it came time to say it, she said "NO WAY"! So George said it for her. Josh took wonderful pictures of the event. We are all so pround of Dad! We love him sooooooo much!

Deck Time

George built this deck last spring and was able to stain it recently. We love to sit out there and watch the kids and the dogs. On the weekends if its nice, you can find us out there with a fire in the pit and playing cards. As you can tell, the little puppies love it too!

I can't whistle anymore!

Lauren finally did it! She pulled out her teeth. This big space will not allow her to whistle. :o( But she was really excited to see what the tooth fairy left. We were discussing what we thought the tooth fairy looked like and how she gets to all the homes that need to be visited. I really don't think she cared, as long as she visited our house.