Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Thanksgiving was wonderful. We were able to go to my mom's, which is a couple blocks away from us, for Thanksgiving. Family...... What would we do with out them? George took the "man" camera with us.... but guess what, I forgot to put the memory back into it, after downloading the last batch of pictures. OOPS! But luckily, dad just bought a new camera and was willing to try it out. :)

Isn't this the cutest little turkey ever? (okay, I don't get out much) But, these were sitting at our places for dinner. My dad, yes- for those of you who know my dad, you did see that right, my dad made these Thanksgiving morning for everyone.

This is my sister Lisa, and my nephew Aaron.

This is my Grandma Morgan

This is my wonderful mom............. (hug)

On Saturday, we went to Columbus to visit with George's side of the family. We celebrated Ali's 16th and Ryan's 13th birthdays. We also celebrated Christmas. We did have the memory back in the "man" camera by then. :)
I guess I should elaborate a little more about the "man" camera. I call our Sony SLR the "man" camera just because its so big and bulky. My Cannon Power Shot is the "Blonde" camera, because I know how to use it. (hahahaha)
Now That everyone understands what the heck I am talking about, (sorta)....We have pictures.....
Jenna won "Musical Tiara"

Ali....with Ava, her sweet sixteen birthday present

Ryan, 13 already? uh-oh
Lauren was so excited when she opened up presents

Josh got the BIG L, from Jenna, hehehehe